Lillies Quarter: You asked, we listened!

Woolworths Food
February 1, 2018

Lillies Quarter: You asked, we listened!

Lillies Quarter Centre Management are thrilled to announce that the much anticipated upgrades to the centre are about to commence, giving Hillcrest’s favourite destination centre a brand new look and an even better customer experience!

Lillies Quarter will commence upgrades to the centre from February 2018. Whilst the original intentions for the project were smaller, the upgrade has morphed into a much larger and more power-packed project, progressing far beyond cosmetic changes. The project is expected to elevate the already popular centre in the middle of a burgeoning community, to new heights! There are many exciting changes including the additions of lifts into the buildings allowing access to the first floor restaurants for young and old, the addition of a multi-storey car park bringing more parking to the centre and links between the blocks to facilitate customer flow and connectivity. The already fantastic restaurants at Lillies Quarter are going to get even better with the formalisation of their existing balconies, allowing dining to occur whatever the weather while still permitting diners to enjoy the alfresco feel of outdoor living.

To strengthen the already strong tenant mix at Lillies Quarter, we are excited to announce the expansion of the Woolworths Food by over 200 sqm to include it’s own in-store coffee shop! Another very exciting announcement is the inclusion of Melissa’s Food Home and Gifts, which is scheduled to open for trade in August 2018.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual for shoppers at Lillies Quarter, as the go-to place for whatever lifestyle, grocery, gift, crafting or health items are need, or to enjoy a meal at one of the choice restaurants. The project team have worked very hard to plan the build around the on-going daily operations of the centre and while you enjoy all the centre has to offer, work will continue behind the scenes to add an extra dimension to the popular shopping venue that customers have come to love.

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